• No racism
• You may use links but I will personally not view them on stream and if any link is determined to be abusive, you will be banned from chat.  (I may prevent links in chat through the chat bot on occasion, just FYI.  If this is the case, just ask for permission to post links.)
• You do not dictate what is streamed.  Stream suggestions will be taken into account, but do not harass me to play the game or draw the things you want me to.
• If you want to talk Religion or Politics, keep it respectful.  These are obviously topics that are difficult to completely avoid so I will not outright ban this, but if the conversation appears to be escalating, if a mod or myself ask you to stop talking about it, consider it a warning and if you continue, you will be timed out from chat.

• !commands - Use if someone is unsure of the commands for chat and is for some reason unable to scroll down to the Panels ;)
• !poot - It does what you think it
More to come!

List of hardware coming soon...
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